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development in Pomona (DF, NYC)

December 28, 2009

Since moving to NY this is problably the longest i’ve been at my parents house (Chino Hills) and kicked it in Pomona: my hometown…
As I drive to my friend hector’s pad for some futbol or to pick my sis up at the amtrack, I naturally feel nostalgic for my hometown. “Sunday” leaque soccer with men that should have hung up their cleats years ago, the house parties with the same 10 banda songs, coaching at pomona high, the pool hall on second street, etc…Yet, like many parts of Brooklyn and the historic center of Mexico City, “development” is coming to Pomona. Second street and its surrondings continues to see the opening of restaruants, galleries, and bars that cater to denizens from surrondings neighberhoods (read white and middle class). While on hold there is a current project to build condiminums for US (young educated professionals). As part of a cohort of educated, young, and liberal individuals I both enjoy and frequent second street, the historic center, and Brooklyn…Yet I am troubled that consumption is what passes and guides “development” in all of these areas. With consumption come higher rents and the slow displacement of the working class, . Sadly, I dont see a competing vision of “development” or even a hint of ambivalance/resentment/anger in those that partake in these activies. Intellectual bankruptcy?

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