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Buying a Sandwich on 153rd

October 24, 2010

I woke up late, which is pretty normal on days I don’t have class or something to run to. Showered, got dressed, and opened my wallet. Only ten dollars. Quickly calculated the cost of two meals around Columbia campus and decided to buy a sandwich de salami, con lettuce, tomatoes, a lil mayo, y claro toasted at the nearest deli.

 Door reads “Kids, no hope in dope.” Enter, head to deli and ask for “un sanwicth de salami, en un roll.” Mid 40s Dominican male nods briefly, the music coming from his small radio has his attention. Sube el volumen and then utters, “perdon, que quiere” I repeat my order and he slowly but purposefully starts preparing my “sanwicth..” The words coming from the dominicano and the radio slowly merge and I feel un poco melancholic, un poco happy, un poco ya casi…

 I reach back into my wallet for the 4.75 that I owe y el dominicano me dice “oye, tu novia donde vive” confused, I respond with a “perdon?” he smiles and says “lo que tu trais se llama amor a la distancia”

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  1. Amanda permalink
    October 24, 2010 4:00 pm

    Mom is right. you inspire us every day..and yes ya casi you will be home and with family. Keep inspiring us and working hard, Im proud of you and I love and miss you.

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