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Update/Final Call for Black, Brown, and Blue at CU

April 23, 2012

Author: James T. Roane

The politics of this event is to have folks talking about race, space, and place at CU and NYC in ways and at times that they might not otherwise. People of color, so crunched in the physical plant of Manhattan and NYC, desperately need shared spaces and moments of simultaneity. As the history of slavery in the Western Hemisphere teaches, people need both to organize revolutions. Stealing away in the interstitial spaces, the swamps and woods  and importantly using local knowledge that the land’s indigenous inhabitants taught, black people organized revolutions in a scale from individual maroons, to whole maroon states, and to successful total revolution in Haiti. It is in this radical tradition of reorganizing space to reorganize time that we convene on Friday. Please join us at 4pm in front of Hamilton Hall.

In the spirit of collaboration and our effort to open up space for people of color we encourage you to send us a poem, rant, some words, a photo project, a twitter or FB status, etc. We’ve received a dope facebook status from Law School students, documentation of radicalism at Columbia from doctoral students/radical organizers at UCSD, an amazing photo project juxtaposing people of color with Columbia’s founding fathers (white, elite, males),  a photo project on racial profiling, and security alerts from the perspective of black and brown bodies. Send contributions to to and

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